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Wilm-Gert Esders


verona berg-esders

born April 16, 1956 in Laupheim, district Biberach a. d. Riß, Germany

1975 grammar school in Laupheim, A-levels

1976 - 1978 training as trilingual secretary at the language school Vorbeck in Gengenbach,Germany:

English, French, Spanish

1979 - 1986 export clerk at 

1987 - 1989 business management course at the FHW Pforzheim with certificate of basic studies

1989 - to date member of our staff

1989 - to date attending several advanced training courses


language skills: english, french, german, spanish


hobbies: reading, jogging, improving knowledge of foreign languages (Spanish conversation class, reading books in foreign languages etc.), good music

married to Wilm-Gert Esders, dentist


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76133 karlsruhe
phone: 0721 22 110
fax: 0721 23 208


Mo-Fr 9am - 6pm

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